Motorway Landscaping

Kerikeri Bypass, Northland


The Kerikeri bypass construction was a significant civic project, requiring high amenity value landscaping.

The bypass consisted of 1.5 km of motorway, an over bridge with multiple planting zones from dry forest to wetland.

This was one of Red Tree’s largest standard revegetation projects to date, with over 60,000 plants going in the ground.

This project initiated Red Tree’s taste for projects of scale and native revegetation.

The Challenge:

This project was labor intensive therefore required a high level of staff motivation and effective project management to ensure planting quality. The challenge was to work around heavy machinery, as the motorway was being built. The lead contractor was HEB’s construction.

The Solution:

Using reliable and reputable nurseries, we ensured high quality and robust plants. With a large planting team, we were able to effectively complete the planting in the short seasonal time frames.


Fantastic establishment three years on.

The vegetation is verdant and has contributed greatly to the amenity value of the bypass.

Provides prime food source for native birds.