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Manaaki Taiao

Caring for our beautiful land.

Our vision is for a thriving Aotearoa New Zealand. The wellbeing of the land and the wellbeing of people are inherently interconnected. It is our mission to create regenerative ecologies through nature-based solutions, growing seeds into forests and forests into legacy.


2 year Red Tree Enviroblanket® vs 4 year nursery growth:

This study compared the growth rates of natives established in a nursery, with the growth rates of natives directly seeded in the Enviroblanket®.

Plants grown from seed exceeded the height of those that had already spent two years growing in a nursery, just two years post Enviroblanket® installation.

Directly seeding eco-sourced natives avoids transplant shock and allows a seedling to adapt to it’s environmental conditions right away, igniting rapid plant growth and ecology establishment.

As a result, our Enviroblanket® projects to date show an average of 3-5 stems per m2 with a diverse range of pioneer native tree and shrub seedlings in year one, and canopy cover achieved in year two.

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* Study conducted at Curletts Road Stormwater Detention Basin in Christchurch. Nursery grown plants were installed parallel to the directly seeded Enviroblanket® and subject to the same environmental conditions.


Utilising advanced technologies.

At Red Tree, we’re ushering in a new era of environmental restoration through the latest drone technology. Our commitment to preserving and rejuvenating the natural world has led us to integrate the latest drone technology as a powerful tool in the restoration process.


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Red Tree key services:

Biodiversity and Catchment Scale Restoration

Wetland Restoration

Motorway Landscaping

Aerial Mapping and Monitoring

Land Stabilisation

Vegetation Management



Engineered Stormwater Detention Basin Wetland.

A newly created wetland required native vegetation to facilitate ecosystem services such as groundwater replenishment, sediment and nutrient retention, and water purification while also enhancing local ecologies for both the community and wildlife.

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Greater Wellington Large Scale Restoration.

Greater Wellington Regional Council initiated the Recloaking Papatūānuku project in 2022 and Red Tree was engaged on the ecological restoration panel in 2023. The project spans 10 years and aims to restore approximately 1,500 hectares of retired farmland in regional parks to native forest, in line with the Council’s 2030 carbon neutral goal.

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