· Project Manager
· Native Plant Ecology Specialist
· Head of Research & Development
Andrew brings 20+ years of experience in horticulture management to the team. Having a background in ecological restoration, commercial native plant production, and arboriculture makes him a valuable part of team Red Tree. Full of passion and drive with a keen mind for innovation, Andrew has created cutting-edge systems to cope with a multitude of ecological issues.

"I love the challenge of working at scale, and seeing the positive ecological out comes"
· Operations Manager
· Health & Safety Officer
· Commercial Procurement
Rebekah is a dynamic part of business operations. Her site and contract management skills create a brilliant communication interface between client requirements for efficiency, accountability, and safety. Rebekah's vigilance and alacritous nature create a secure workplace under Red Tree control.
Easy to work with and looks forward to your call today!

“My aim is to operate within a dynamic work environment utilizing and building my creative potential”
· Director
· Business Developement
· Landscape Design Consultant
Michelle specializes in business development, identifying industry market requirements, and the key functionalities that bring innovation to life. Michelle has extensive knowledge and experience in landscape design coupled with a solid foundation of business management. Michelle is the company director and is a fundamental part of team Red Tree.

“I believe that the best is yet to come”
· Site Manager
· Machinery Operator
· Information Technology (I.T.)
Oscar has extensive knowledge across the board, fluent in 4 languages, holds multiple industry related tickets, and has a background in management and communications. His strong physical presence isn’t only useful on the rugby field; this young man is an integral part of team Red Tree's ground force coordination. There is not much Oscar can’t do.

"There are two ways to live: one, as if nothing is a miracle; the other, as if everything is"
· Plant Technician
· Environmental Science Intern
(University Of Canterbury)
Chloe is a self-motivated individual originally from the USA. She is eager to endure new challenges and apply new concepts learned in the field and elsewhere. Chloe’s passion for environmentalism inspired her to come to New Zealand and pursue a Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Canterbury. A balance between creativity, intellect, and shear will, Chloe's abilities fully blend into team Red Tree.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”
· Field Research
· Site Manager
· Product Developement
Every team needs an intellectual who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Originally from the USA, David holds a degree in Engineering Science and is completing his Bachelor of Civil Engineering at University of Canterbury. With a wide variety of skills including sales, mathematics, management, and organization, David is as vital in the office as he is in the field.

“Those who are honest with themselves get farther in life”
· Maintenance Crew
· Planting & Maintenance
Taking part in the family enterprise, Alanah is developing essential plant and ecological knowledge required for Red Tree's unique science-meets-nature methodologies. Alanah is keenly interested in technology that makes a positive difference on the environment. She is currently studying business management systems and is excited to keep on learning.

“Working towards positive change in the world”